Website update and maintenance

Small business?
Got a website?
Don’t have the time or skills to update it? – but it needs updating!
Need holiday or sickness cover for your web admin

I can help, here’s how:

I specialise in website updates: news, press releases, pictures, articles, offers , updates etc.
In this high-tech world, I like to provide good, old-fashioned service.

Key features:

  • Simple hourly rate - Pay as you go, pay by credit card / PayPal or invoice at the end of each month
  • No contract – use my service as you need to
  • No monthly fee - No retainer and no bull – or technobabble
  • Bill to the minute – I provide a detailed timesheet each month so you can see what I’ve done for you

I will do as much or as little as you wish.

How it works

Say for example, you need a promotion adding to your site

You email the words, picture(s) and links etc to me with when you’d like it publishing (timed is no problem).
I will start the clock running from when I login to your site
I do the work and test to see it is correct
I publish directly – or get back to you so you can authorise publication
I stop the clock when I log out of your site

How much does it cost?

I charge £40 per hour which might sound a lot but there’s no VAT and I bill down to the minute – that’s £0.66/minute. You can’t even get a decent coffee for 66p?

What would I charge for …

To amend a page of text and change a picture (generic update)

You have an existing page of content for example product details that have changed – the product has new features and there a few other changes. You also have a new product photo.

> Read through the new text
> Amend text and proof read new text on site
> Load photo, resize appropriately, add caption etc
> Save, test, publish.
Can take as little as 15 minutes. That would cost as little as £9.90

Replace a promotional banner

> Receive new banner
> Check size/format is correct
> Check target link is working
> Upload new banner to site
> Save and test, publish
In the past this has taken as little as 5 minutes – that’s only  £3.30!

Is this cost effective?

Yes. If you or a staff member is updating your website infrequently then they may never use it enough to become familiar and probably have about a million other things to do anyway, and typically the website gets left till last – ie never gets updated.

You cannot afford for this to happen as your website is your window to the world. If you are looking for a new service, product or whatever it is, your customers will turn to the web. If your site is out of date, or is badly maintained then you may be overlooked in favour of the next company – don’t let this happen.

My service is pay-as-you-go. All web design agencies will have higher overheads than me and some will charge a monthly retainer, or charge you for a block of time on a service agreement which may not get used up and can’t be carried forward. I think this is unfair on small businesses where cashflow is tight.

What experience do I have?

I have nearly 15 years of experience, designing, hosting and administering websites using all sorts of administration tools from the very simple to the sometimes (overly) complex


I will never disclose any details of my work for you to anyone.

All I ask…

Is that you pay on invoice, you want the work doing promptly, it’s only fair to pay promptly and I make it easy.

It costs nothing to ask.

Contact me for a no obligation (and free) chat about how I could be of service to you and your business. There is a small email form below or you can call me directly on +44 (0) 7446 157 359




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