A bunch of spanners - always useful to have.Business Consultancy

If you have a website, are considering one or need to get some advice about the web, we can help. Our advice will be non biased and focussed on helping you achieve your objectives. We specialise in smaller and the smallest organisations and have wide experience with many types of organisation from not for profit, small businesses of many types to international businesses.

Web hosting

If you have a website, you need somewhere to put it! As part of our service, we provide high quality hosting that has all the facilities you’d need as well as 24-7 technical support.

Website review

Does your website work properly? Does it ‘talk’ to your customers? Get a completely independent unbiased review of your existing site. This service is aimed at small to medium sized websites and companies and is priced accordingly. We look at many aspects of your site and provide guidelines and suggestions for improvement. Contact for details.

Social media

Many designers will say  that this is the latest ‘must have’ for your business. Is it? We’ll analyse your business and help you identify it it’s right for you.

English Improvement Services

We take your existing English language text and improve it to provide a better impression of your company and products. More >

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