English Improvement Services

If your company has a website or documentation in English, but English isn’t your native language, this is the service for you!

We take your existing English language documentation and improve it to give you the most professional image.


Why you need this service

With many thousands of potential suppliers, western buyers are becoming very selective. Only those companies who present themselves in the most professional way will be more likely to receive orders than those who have poor quality English language in their documentation or on their website.

End users will have a poor impression of those companies who provide low quality English language manuals and websites even though the quality of the products can very high and as a result, will be less likely to buy from them.


What we do.

We take your existing English language text and revise it to make it read in the way that a western reader would expect.

  • Your website text
  • Sales brocuhres
  • Your user documentation, manuals, warranty cards etc
  • Your standard business communications

Specifically, we will rewrite your content to enable it to read correctly, correct grammatical mistakes and use more appropriate phrases without changing the meaning of the content.

High quality service

We have over 10 years’ experience in writing technical and marketing communications.


Easy to use and low cost service

You continue to use your existing translation service but supply the English language text to us for improvement prior to publication or use.

With a simple flat rate of only (US) $0.10 per word supplied by you, we take your existing text supplied in MS Word or in a .txt file, then ‘work our magic’ and send it back to you in agreed timescales. Payment, initially is via proforma invoice through Paypal or for larger contracts through an Escrow service such as Escrow.com. When we have established a mutually trustworthy relationship, then we would be happy to establish normal business terms.


Help your business communicate more effectively

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.


Link: Readability: An article about the readability of English text

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